Has Kate blown Mark’s cover?

The tension is high at the garage and Garland wants an explanation as to what Kate is doing there. Mark says she’s with him and she’s harmless, and they’re relieved when everything seems fine. However, knowing it could kick off, Mark gives Kate his phone and tells her to dial ‘9’. Things look bad when Garland says he knows Kate has Mark’s phone and that they’re going to take Kate for a drive.

Just as things get messy, the police arrive and Mark arrests Garland. Realising it was a set up, Kate has a go at Mark, telling him he put Lucas in danger, but Lucas steps in and admits this was all his doing. When she realises the burglary was Lucas’s fault, Kate tells him to keep away from her and Sophie.

Susan can see that Summer is worrying about something and she tells her not to fret about the rumours about her and Zeke. Summer asks that Susan doesn’t tell Lyn as she has enough on her plate. Lyn notices that Summer doesn’t seem to want to talk to her and as much as she tries, Summer keeps pushing her away. However, when Callum tells Lyn that Summer and Zeke are together she hits the roof and goes round to see Susan and Summer.

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