Kate’s jumpy around Noah and brushes him aside when he tries talking to her. When Lucas asks Kate if she’s seen a bottle of body lotion lying around, she realises what she’s done. Closing up at Harold’s, Kate hears a noise and realises Noah is there. Just as she’s explaining about the mix-up over the lotion, Sophie arrives back from camp.

Meanwhile, Rhys goes all out to impress Martin. Roping Jade and Dane into helping him, they’re not very happy when Rhys tells them that despite helping him prepare, they’re not actually invited. They make themselves scarce but when Rhys finds a rat on the BBQ, he calls Jade for help. She takes a lot of pleasure in telling him he’s on his own, before he calls on Dane. Jade warns him not to help Rhys. However, despite the hitch, Martin is impressed and offers him an interview for the Surgical Training Programme.

Sonya waves Callum off for his first day as a paper boy, and he isn’t happy about it. When he overhears Lucas telling Sonya about the dangers paper boys face, like being caught in a storm or being chased by a dog, Callum looks on, pleased! However, Sonya is left wondering if she’s done the right thing.