With Toadie asking questions about Mark’s departure and Jade bad-mouthing him, Kyle changes the subject as he can see Kate struggling to stay calm. Alone, and with Mark’s passport, Kate calls his parents, but hangs up mid-sentence. Later that night, Mark’s boss pays Kate a visit reprimanding her for calling Mark’s parents. She begs him to let her talk to him or to pass on a message, but he refuses.

Karl and Susan continue to live separate lives, and when she finds his golf holiday brochures in the bin, she makes a special effort to go and see him at work. They have a chat in a bid to clear the air, and Susan’s left shocked when Karl tells her that they’re moving in different directions. He explains that he’s worried that Susan’s keeping Summer so close as a means of keeping a distance from Karl and that he’s not enough for her. With Summer out for the night, Susan plans a romantic night in for her and Karl.

Lucas opens some mail and calls Toadie, asking for a chat. He shows Toadie a letter from his dad’s solicitor, regarding his will but Lucas is reluctant. The solicitor begins reading a letter to Lucas written by his dad, but he storms out. Toadie persuade him to go back in where he is presented with his dad’s ashes.

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