Has Kate lost Georgia and Kyle?

When Kate tries to fix things with Georgia they wind up in a mutual slinging match. Kyle starts to feel on the outer as Georgia pours all her time and energy into Gem. After seeing how upset Kate is, Kyle tries to talk Georgia around, arousing Gem’s suspicions about the nature of his friendship with Kate. A guilty Kyle tells Kate that she’s on her own from now on – he doesn’t want to be in the middle of it.

Both Terese and Lauren are thrown when their daughters praise the other after their first days of work experience, leading Terese and Lauren to question if they are meeting all their daughters’ needs as mothers.

Terese is determined to prove her domestic chops, while Lauren tries to convince herself and Amber, she’s business savvy. Matt and Brad recruit the girls to fix a problem they’ve created, leading to some mother-daughter bonding and a moment of camaraderie between Brad and Matt.

Matt and Sheila discover the lost sketch of the Turner’s old Mt Isa house. He’s rapt to have it back until Sheila points out something interesting on the other side of the drawing – the sketch of Brad that Lauren so lovingly drew all those years ago…