Kevin manages to coax Marv into revealing the full extent of his bone and tissue extraction operation, but suddenly stops when he notices he is missing a bone. Stuart becomes suspicious when Marv tells him that Kevin has been there. Stuart decides that they should blackmail Kevin to keep him quiet but Kevin refuses and punches him.

Kevin calls Heston and tells him to get his evidence in order before telling DCI Driver of the situation. The police search the Berry Funeral Home and find concrete evidence. At the police station, Stuart is brought in and taunts Kevin that he is finished.

Meanwhile, Daniel brings a pumpkin in to The Mill, intending to carve it into a jack-o-lantern for Joe. When Al defaces the pumpkin with a humorous message, Daniel responds by drawing Al’s face on the pumpkin. Zara is angry with both doctors for skiving while she has been working and tells Daniel not to bring the lantern home as it will scare Joe.