Tyrone comes round and see Molly’s lifeless body, panicking he scrambles out of the car and calls 999. Kevin’s on his way back to the street when he sees the sirens, fearing the worst he follows them and finds what he was dreading. The two men watch as Molly is cut from the wreckage and rushed to hospital. There Kevin admits he hadn’t finished the brakes, but before Tyrone can react he’s taken to see his wife. Molly’s still unconscious and while a scan reveals the baby has a heartbeat, as long as Molly’s life is in the balance so is the baby’s. Terrified Tyrone cries on Kevin‘s shoulder.

Sophie turns to Sunita and tells her that the person she loves has rejected her. Sunita tells her she must move on and let Sian go and Sophie decides to take her advice. She calls Lee and arranges a date, but it’s clear her heart’s not in it.

Cheryl finds Lloyd in the cab office and apologises, claiming she hates people knowing what she does. As the pair chat their chemistry is apparent, but the spell’s soon broken when Teresa arrives and makes it clear Lloyd’s taken.

Also, John and Fiz discuss the practicalities of his double life.

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