Kevin meets Daisy at The Icon and is shocked to see her father, Arthur, also waiting there. Arthur says Kevin must be very special, as Daisy rarely asks him to meet her boyfriends any more. Distressed, Kevin pretends he’s had a text about a medical emergency and flees.

Later, when Daisy shows up at The Mill, Kevin shouts at her. Julia sees this and tells Kevin he was totally uncompassionate and immature – not the best qualities for a doctor. Has he blown his chances of getting a permanent job?

At the Campus, Heston congratulates Jack on his article, but points out that Jack must take responsibility for his writing and make amends for the impact it’s had. After begging for Imogen’s forgiveness, Jack suggests a family lunch for Rob’s birthday, but Rob’s not sure; he doesn’t understand Imogen any more.

Jack stresses that the point he was trying to make in his article was that Imogen started going off the rails after what happened between them, leaving Karen and Rob to wonder if they really are to blame.

Also, Daniel gets more than he bargained for when he attends to a patient at a lap dancing club.