As Rachel makes last-minute wedding preparations, the DOCS call to say they are coming around to discuss their planned adoption of baby Joe. Kim heads out to get some food, before calling at the Surf Club where he tells Alf about the upcoming visit. As a mysterious suited man listens intently, Alf tells Kim he’s pleased that things are going well for Kim following his bad year and the sexual assault charge.

Kim returns home but is crestfallen when the DOCS officer, Leslie, turns out to be the suited man from the Surf Club, who wastes no time in quizzing Kim about the conversation he overheard earlier. But just as Kim is defending himself, Alf comes in carrying a case of beer for Kim’s buck’s night, leaving Leslie unimpressed. Kim and Rachel are convinced they have no chance of becoming Joe’s parents, so they’re ecstatic when Leslie reveals he’s approved them for the first phase of the adoption.

At the hospital, Jack is surprised to learn that Sam has resigned from her job and is leaving town. He tracks Sam down and pleads with her not to go but she’s adamant. However, Jack returns home later to find a teary Sam waiting for him, and is stunned when she reveals her real name is Kylie Deeks…

*Screened on RTE One, Monday March 26*