Kyle is stressed by Soph’s appearance and worried about his future. With Andy still flirting with Stacey, Kyle gets even more wound up, warning Andy to stay away from Stacey. Spotting the commotion, Stacey tells Kyle to apologise. After making peace in The Vic, Kyle gets paranoid when Jack and Andy make a joke, assuming that Stacey has told them about his past. Although Stacey insists his secret is safe, an upset Kyle storms off.

Mick sends Shirley to check up on Tina. Angry with Mick, Tina sends Shirley away. Confronting her brother, Tina tells him that Sonia has found a lump. When Soph texts Tina for some support, Mick points out that she needs to tell Sonia the truth. After returning home, Tina finds Soph sitting with Sonia…

Pam is mortified when Ben tells her that it’s over between him and Paul and it’s all her fault. With Ben refusing to speak to Paul, Pam tries to makes amends. Inviting Ben for a family meal, Pam is relieved when her plan works and Ben and Paul are reunited.

Also, Masood has a date with a woman named Laura. Buster has a plan to stop the CostMart supermarket going ahead.