Has Kyle found a donor?

There is good news regarding Kyle’s transplant – doctors have found a match but, unfortunately, it’s Brax! The news leaves Ricky heartbroken and confides in Nate. As Nate holds her, Kat sees the embrace and later the couple argue, leaving their relationship in tatters.

Denny checks in on Ricky, who’s cleaning furiously. Denny asks her what’s wrong, and she explains that Brax would have been a donor. As Denny takes over cleaning, she finds Billie’s note. Knowing that Brax is still alive, Denny immediately confronts Ash. Denny marches Ash to Ricky and Phoebe but, before Ash comes clean, the phone rings. Ash is a kidney match!

Also, Denny walks into The Diner and is convinced that she and James have met before but he brushes her off. James accidently tells Roo he loves her, and Roo feels the same way! As they seal the romantic mood with a kiss, Roo says that maybe she can meet his family, but James changes the subject.