Has Kyle pushed Jade too far?

Kyle confronts Jade over her mis-sent message, assuming she still has feelings for him but Jade claims the message was just an excuse to avoid a date with one of her clients. Kyle persists and later starts to worry that he’s pushed her too hard but it’s not long before Jade starts to realise what she’s lost and tells Kyle she’s willing to give their relationship another go. Kyle’s ecstatic but Jade’s doubts still remain.

Determined to get himself in the editor’s seat before Susan returns, Paul hatches a plan to get their advertisers to sign a contract supporting his role to run the paper. However, Summer realises something’s going on and, while the advertisers take 24 hours to decide, Summer sends Susan a warning text…

And when Priya warns Paul that Sophie’s still doing badly at school, he asks Kate to discuss the matter with her sister. Sophie, however, reminds Kate of her promise to be a sister, not a mother, and Kate complies, telling Paul to handle the parental discipline himself.