Has Kyle’s father let him down again?

Kyle isn’t sure how to respond to his father’s sudden desire to get to know him. Witnessing a tender moment between Kyle and Bossy, Gary is overwhelmed and bails on the meeting, leaving Kyle furious. Going after his father, Kyle is stunned to realise he’s crying. Before leaving, Gary tells Kyle he is a good man, and he’s sorry he was never around.

Terese joins Brad and Paige in a game of basketball… only to find Lauren’s there too. The fun soon turns into unbearable awkwardness and Terese decides to leave. Finally, Brad and Terese find the time to talk, and Terese admits that their marriage problems aren’t due to Lauren, or Paige, or even Brad – they’re all due to her. She can’t move on, and there’s only one solution – she’s moving out and into Lassiters.

Paul thinks Rain is distracting Daniel from the bar, so Amber attempts to redirect Daniel’s attention from Rain’s project, inciting an angry reaction from Rain. Rain later apologises, winning Amber over, and offers her a meditation CD. Listening to it, Amber is drawn in to Rain’s soothing, life-advice.