Has Kylie rumbled David’s DNA test plans? (VIDEO)

As Tina promises to help David with the DNA test, Kylie walks in on what looks like a cosy encounter. Rattled, she asks Eva to keep an eye on Tina in the pub. David soon arrives to see Tina, explaining he’s got his and Lily’s samples and is sending them off. But Kylie suddenly appears, having been alerted by Eva.

As Roy and Hayley head to a cancer support group he’s worried that she may find it upsetting, but Hayley assures him it helps to share experiences with others in the same situation. There Hayley meets Jane who has terminal pancreatic cancer. Refreshed by Jane’s honesty about her fate Hayley declares she too intends to live life to the full. She then asks Roy to help her plan her final days, explaining she wants to die at home with him by her side and Roy promises he’ll be there.

As Michelle despairs over the state of her parents’ marriage, Steve assures her everything will soon be ok. Confused by his cryptic comments Michelle asks Steve what he’s up to.

Also, Carla’s struggling relinquishing power as Peter starts to get more involved in business at Underworld; Stella, Eva and Gloria toast the sale of the Rovers as they prepare to move into No 13.