Has Lauren found Whitney?

Lauren thinks she sees Whitney being taken into the police station. Lauren tries to see her, but the girl has already been taken away for questioning. Lauren leaves her number in case the girl turns out to be Whitney. Abi steals Lauren’s phone to call Jay. When Lauren gets it back there’s been a missed call. Lauren races to the police station and is just in time to see Whitney…

Christian brings Syed home from hospital. Zainab breaks Syed’s heart when she cruelly tells him that it was a mistake seeing him. Zainab confronts Yusef and accuses him of tricking her into visiting Syed so he could get her alone. Later, Masood is forced to confess to Zainab there is no insurance on the restaurant, as they’re so in debt they couldn’t afford the repayments.

Greg’s best man has to pull out of the wedding. Ian overhears Tanya talking about it with Jane and he corners Greg. Ian wants Greg to make him best man so he can spend time with Jane and win back his wife. A reluctant Greg feels forced to agree. Tanya is less than impressed!

Also, Ashley lies to get money out of Fatboy to go drinking.