Lauren is going through the business emails as she tries to get things back on track. She’s disturbed to find a message from a client asking to see her on the day that Lucy died. Worrying that Lucy met the client instead, Lauren takes her discovery to the police, claiming it could be the killer. When the police won’t take her seriously, Lauren takes matters into her own hands, arranging a meeting with the mysterious emailer.

Shirley and Tosh are at war on Tina’s birthday, both insisting they know what Tina would like. Reluctantly organising a birthday party together, they continue to bicker, forcing Tina to storm out of her own party. After a heart-to-heart with Sonia, who is also celebrating her birthday, Tina returns to the party and announces she’s moving in with Tosh. Tina makes it clear to Tosh that her family are important to her.

David brings Carol home from hospital. Relieved to be out, Carol refuses to be mollycoddled and tells David to take her to the register office – she wants to book a date for the wedding. Meanwhile, Max gets his gene test results back and they’re clear. Sonia confesses to Tina she still hasn’t told Martin that she has the cancer gene.