Amy and Lee are over the moon when Leanne decides she’s moving out and moving on. To make sure she leaves, Lee helps her to the bus stop but as the bus comes to a halt and Lee leaves Leanne secretly gets off. She is sure there is still a spark between them and is determined to get her man back.

Liberty chooses to spend the day with Theresa over Ethan, attempting to put their friendship back on track. However, Theresa puts her foot in it when she reveals something only Ethan and Liberty know… It seems that Theresa has blown her and Ethan’s cover.

Sinead railroads Diane into letting her go away for a few days but lies about where she’s going.

Also, Carl is livid when Riley misses a squad night out in favour of looking at houses with Mercedes. His jealousy pushes him to the limit and it looks like he’s about to spill the beans to his son…

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