Has Lewis exposed Gloria’s scam?

As Audrey cries over Lewis, he points out to Gloria how she’s ruined his relationship. Meanwhile there’s cause for celebration at the Rovers when Gloria hears they’ve won Lancashire Leisure Magazine’s pub of the year and the editor will be calling later to present the plaque. But when Lewis hears from Norris and Mary how Gloria cheated he puts in a call to the Gazette. When the editor arrives at the pub so does a reporter from the Gazette. Lewis suggests the editor reads some of the comment cards. Lewis has opened a can of worms that’ll leave Gloria and Stella squirming.

Ken’s disheartened when Brian tells him there’s going to be a full investigation after Wendy’s allegation. Despite Tracy’s jibes it’s clear that Deirdre believes Ken’s version of events. Deirdre decides to confront Wendy head on about her accusation. She persuades Wendy to admit she lied about Ken.

Maria witnesses Aiden and Marcus sharing a loved-up breakfast. Later Aiden tells Maria he’s been offered a job and he’s moving to London. He asks Maria whether Marcus would be prepared to move with him.

Also, Sally accuses Jenna of working Sophie too hard; also, Jenna spots Lloyd and Mandy kissing; Steve sends flowers to Michelle in Ireland hoping she’ll contact him.