Has Lewis fooled Gail? (VIDEO)

Gail presents Lewis with his father’s watch, which she’s bought back from the pawnbrokers. After some persuasion Lewis accepts it. Gail heads home more certain than ever that she’s misjudged Lewis. After she’s gone Lewis arranges a meeting that proves the cogs of his plan to thwart Gail are well and truly in motion.

Maria begs Marcus not to go, but he tells her he has to, he’s gay and a relationship with her would never work. Maria’s heartbroken, but as Marcus and Aiden prepare to leave for a weekend in London Marcus suddenly realises he can’t go through with it and tells Aiden it’s over. A crushed Aiden asks Marcus if it’s because he still has feelings for Sean. Unable to deal with telling Aiden the truth, Marcus confirms this. Later as Aiden leaves the street he tells a euphoric Sean that Marcus has dumped him because he’s still in love with him.

Stella takes over as manager of the Rovers football team and begins training her men. Steve is down in the dumps and Mandy susses jealousy of Rob is behind his feelings. She has a go at Lloyd for not helping Steve get selected for the team.

Also. Fiz worries that Kirsty is keeping Tyrone from his friends.