Aden is on a high after his kiss with Nicole, but she’s the exact opposite. She wants to know what’s going on. A flashback reveals that after their kiss, Aden was cold towards her. He explains he thought he’d feel guilty, but he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t feel anything at all…

Liam is desperate to make amends after cheating on Nicole. Things are awkward between them – he wants to be friends, but she’s not interested and confesses to kissing Aden. He is hurt and asks Aden for help in repairing his friendship with Nicole, but Aden won’t play ball. Is Liam about to fall off the wagon?

Ruby has a run-in with John Palmer over the refugees’ medical treatment. She accuses him of being racist and it looks like there is more fighting to come.

Hazem and Leah continue to flirt, and he asks her out. It catches Leah off guard, but she accepts, thanks to Irene’s encouragement. The couple enjoy a drink before John Palmer makes a dig at Hazem. It upsets Hazem. Leah tries to lift his spirits by asking him to dinner at her place. He accepts. She encourages him to stand up to John, which he does. He thanks her with flowers the next day, and their romance blossoms.