Has Liz caught out Tracy and Tony?

When a solicitor for Travis Ltd arrives, making out his client would simply take his share of the profit and leave everything else to them, Steve agrees to sell his share of the pub. Having overheard this, Todd informs Tracy that Steve has sold his share of the Rovers to a company called Travis. Tracy’s furious and storms into the pub to confront Tony, but Liz is listening in.

Sean’s nervous about attending Billy’s church Bring & Buy sale, explaining to Julie how nobody must know they’re a couple, while Mary, Julie, Eileen and Adrian all lend their support. Later, Sean tries to sell some raffle tickets to the Bishop, but it arouses his suspicions…

Desperate to avoid spending time with Miley, Faye hangs around in the corner shop. Meanwhile, when Tim calls at the flat with a huge teddy for Miley Anna’s unimpressed, pointing out they’ve little enough space as it is.

Kevin attempts to build bridges with Sophie; will she agree to move back to No 13?