Has Lola killed Jay?

Lola offers Phil her mobile in exchange for getting her job back. Phil won’t re-employ her, but keeps the phone in payment for the stolen cash. At the cafe, Lola steals Roxy’s phone. Julie sees and stops her. A furious Lola heads to the Arches and smashes a window on Phil’s Jag. She kicks a jack under the car, not realising Jay is under there, until he yells in pain. Julie calls an ambulance and takes the rap for Lola.

Janine wants to improve relations with her family and brings Tiffany a bag of presents. Tiffany refuses the gifts, suspicious that Janine wants something. Later, Janine is touched when Amy gives her a flower and she hands her the presents. An incensed Roxy returns the presents but when Janine says she was only trying to be nice, she softens.

Cora claims an ASBO neighbour has driven her out of her home. Tanya feels forced to offer to help Cora collect her stuff although she’s reticent to visit her family home, as it holds sad memories about nursing her dying father. Tanya and Rainie take Cora to her home, but it’s soon clear that Cora’s the one with the ASBO, not her neighbour! Back in the Square, Max comforts a shaken Tanya when Greg is unsympathetic.

Also, Ian’s on a promise with Cheryl.