Steph and Frankie are shocked when they see Jake kissing Loretta. They get her alone and tell her she doesn’t have to be with Jake if she’s afraid of him. Loretta assures them she knows what she’s doing, but panics when she finds out Nancy has gone to see him. When Loretta crashes in on them both, Nancy sees that Jake is the one who looks most afraid.

Heidi wants Jem to stay for dinner, during which she tries to impress upon Jem that Carl is a changed man. But when he gets a mysterious text and sneaks away to meet an old acquaintance, it’s obvious that Carl is a man with many secrets.

Sasha wants rid of Val as soon as possible, so Lauren tries to make peace by suggesting Val and Sasha go out together. While they’re out, Lauren gives thought to Val’s offer to go to Spain.

Also; Glamour model Mitzeee’s in town to promote a larger at The Loft. Duncan’s delighted when she asks to get ready at his and he introduces her to Darren and Rhys. Duncan can’t go to the club – he’s too young so Mitzeee gives him a kiss. Duncan’s over the moon, while she thinks Darren and Rhys are gay.

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