Under pressure to convince Lucas to sell, Toadie points out the benefits of the sale to Emelia, hoping she’ll make Lucas see sense. But his plan backfires when Lucas have a go at him for using his girlfriend. Later, Lucas suspects foul play, when during an unscheduled visit from WorkSafe, Lucas realises that the garage has been broken into, resulting in him being fined for not having the necessary safety equipment. With Toadie under pressure to deliver the sale of the garage, Lucas heads straight round there and accuses him of setting him up.

Kyle returns with his leg in plaster, from tripping over his mum’s dog. Jade’s thrilled to see him but while they’re in Harold’s, they are shocked when Kate tells them about kissing Noah. He and Jade are stunned when Kate also announces that she’s also quitting teaching. Kyle discovers the reason behind Kate’s behaviour when he finds the letter Noah gave Paul, that he threw away. While Kyle and Jade come to terms with the loss of their friend, Kate sticks to her resolve to have a new life.

Karl challenges Rhys when he calls in sick, angry at being overlooked by his bosses. But it’s a golf game with Kate that helps him see the error of his ways.