Has Lucas found a way to spend his inheritance?

Elle, as the owner of the garage, springs a surprise on Lucas when she decides to sell it rather than deal with it from afar. With Chris’s job and his own under threat, he is forced to toy with the idea of buying the garage with his inheritance money. Having been haunted with the amount of money his father gave him, the garage being sold may just be the push he needs. But Paul plants doubt in his mind when he questions his ability as an owner.

Kate’s growing concerned as to whether new kid Noah is fitting in well at school. She attempts to get him more involved by pairing him up with Summer for a presentation. But she’s put off by his eccentric approach to schoolwork and Kate’s plan backfires. However, Noah appears unfazed and insists he’s fine. Taking pity on him, Kate agrees to start up tuition lessons, unaware that his feelings for her are growing.

Tash is over the moon when Michael decides to call off her place at the boarding school. Promising to clean her act up, it seems Tash and her father are bonding once again. But with Tash still experiencing sounds of water, it’s only a matter of time before Michael’s secret is revealed.