Has Lucas lost Vanessa to Alek?

Lucas apologises to Toadie, while Vanessa meets up with Alek in his hotel room. Lucas follows them and storms in. Vanessa has just heard a proposal from Alek and is unimpressed by Lucas’s ‘childish’ behaviour. She forces him to leave and she and Alek share a close moment. Later, Alek challenges Lucas, asking him if he’s the one to make Vanessa happy while Toadie suggests that maybe Vanessa shouldn’t be with Lucas. Vanessa calls Alek as Lucas turns up for the auction at Number 32, ignoring Vanessa’s calls. Paul is about to win when Vanessa shows up demanding they call the auction off. She needs to speak to Lucas privately…

Paul bumps into Mason, surprised he isn’t in Sydney with Kate. Mason lies, admitting to Lou he is worried Paul will fire him now he is not with Kate. Paul learns about the break-up but is more concerned with Mason staying quiet about Marty. Mason jumps to the conclusion Kate is staying in Sydney longer because of Brennan. Paul plays him, keen to keep Mason and Kate apart.

After Chris witnesses Kyle offering encouragement to Mason, Chris chides him for offering false hope and points out Kyle doesn’t want Kate to be single, so the temptation is not there.