Has Lucas made things worse for Chris?

Chris tells Lucas he shouldn’t have got involved with his fight with his dad, telling him he’s made things worse and now his dad is pressing charges. Lucas rushes round to see Toadie for some legal advice but he’s not there. Sonya suggests she talks to Chris’s dad, assuring him it’ll be easier than talking to the police.

Mr Pappas agrees to meet Lucas and the pair have a decent chat about Chris, and how they feel about what’s happened. Lucas agrees not to stick his nose in again, and Chris’s dad agrees not to press charges. Taking things further, Lucas takes Mr Pappas to the garage to show him all the great stuff Chris has done for the business, thinking it will help him see that Chris is doing the right thing, but it only makes matters worse.

At home, Kyle mopes over Jade, while she’s on a night out with Mal. Despite him being married, they are clearly flirting. When Jade calls in on Sonya and tells her about Kyle, Sonya can’t believe Jade turned him down, knowing how she really feels about him. When Sonya realises Jade was out with Mal, she tells her it’s not a good idea and Jade, wound up, storms out. Out running, Jade spots Kyle and can’t help but watch him as he works. Pulling herself together, Jade catches up with Mal, asking him for another drink.