Has Lucy found Ian?

Lucy tries to track Ian down by breaking into his online banking to check any recent transactions. When she finds a payment for a hotel in Rochester, she tells Phil, who drives them there immediately. At the hotel, the receptionist hasn’t heard of a ‘Mr Beale’. When Lucy and Phil instead find Mandy she insists she has no idea where Ian is. Lucy returns home alone to a sullen Bobby, wondering how she’ll cope.

Alice tells Derek she read the letter and is willing to give him another chance. Derek is delighted and he takes her on a tour of the Square, explaining some of the family history. Later, Billy approaches Derek with some fraudulent bank notes. Alice realises Derek is up to no good and, disappointed, walks away, telling him he couldn’t be honest if he tried.

Roxy finds a bank statement for the Vic that shows 10k has been taken out of the account. Jean lies that Alfie has taken out the VAT money and put it in the safe. Roxy threatens to talk to Alfie unless Jean tells the truth, but Jean covers. Meanwhile, Michael is treating Janine to an expensive weekend in Paris. When Jean leaves a message asking for her money back Michael deletes it.