Has Maddie abducted her little brother?

Sophie arrives home to find Maddie with Ben. Maddie tells her she has permission from Ben’s foster parents to take him for the day and suggests to Sophie that they adopt Ben. However, Sophie’s shocked when the police call round looking for Maddie and Ben, but when she goes to find Maddie it’s clear she’s done a runner.

Having spent the night together, Kal and Leanne have to hide in the bedroom when Nick calls round with a cinema flyer. Eva spins him a story telling him Leanne had to go out. Later, Nick tells Kal that he’s taking Leanne to the cinema and Kal only just manages to keep quiet,

An apologetic Fiz invites Maria round for tea to clear the air, but when Maria later sees Marcus back on the street, Tyrone has to drag a screaming Maria away. 

Also, Sinead is filled with dread when Chesney asks her to wear her new dress; and Lloyd catches Steve red in the face and carrying his gym bag.