After her second round of chemotherapy, Roo realises that Maddy hasn’t told Oscar about her plans to return to school. When Maddy doesn’t call him in the afternoon because she is too busy preparing to return to school, Oscar thinks Maddy is bored of their relationship.

With Nate still getting his head around his upcoming divorce from Sophie, Kat provides a shoulder to cry on. As he confides in her about the breakdown of his marriage, things take a flirtatious turn.

Ricky believes Ash is the reason Brax is now in prison. She does her best to avoid him, but he keeps checking up on her, which annoys her even more. Denny visits Ricky, where she says Brax is shutting her out. Meanwhile, Brax struggles being incarcerated.

Kyle finds a rose on the bed and, when he can’t find Pheobe, he becomes increasingly worried. Concerned about Ricky, Ash asks Denny to take her away to the city so she doesn’t find out about Phoebe’s disappearance. Meanwhile, a petrified Phoebe wakes up in a motel room with Ryan.