Has Maddy pushed Josh into Evelyn’s arms?

Maddy feels terrible for spending the night with Josh while Roo was lying helpless at home. When Josh comes to the hospital to support her, she tells him to leave. Feeling rejected, Josh bumps into Evelyn who invites him to the farmhouse. When Josh helps Evelyn dismount from her horse they kiss passionately.

Nate wakes up in Sophie’s motel room, horrified at the number of missed calls from the hospital. Racing to the hospital he is greeted by a fuming Alf and unconscious Roo, he runs some tests and assures Alf he’ll do everything to find out what’s wrong with her.

Leah tells Sophie that Nate was called into work because of Roo’s mystery illness. Sophie puts together a care package for Alf, Maddy and Marilyn, but Nate accuses her of turning his phone onto silent.

When an upset Sophie reveals she is hurt that Nate is judging her on her past behaviour, Ricky realises that it could be Brax’s past deterring him from wanting kids. Ricky reaches out to Brax, but he refuses to open up and she decides to go to the city for a couple of days.