Brendan spots Mercedes dropping off flyers and can’t resist a chance to wind Malachy up, offering to buy her a drink. It’s only when Mercedes walks by that Malachy breaks his silence. He shouts at her and tells her she’s embarrassing herself, he’s moved on. This stings Mercedes and later, she clocks Malachy taking a call and leaving the bar. Outside she spots him meeting Lynsey and follows them.

Ste apologises to Brendan who’s surprisingly calm, but quizzes Ste over his actions. Ste tells him he once had a crush on a guy in prison. Brendan promises he won’t tell anyone, leaving Ste feeling relieved. Later, Ste’s in the cellar when Brendan walks in. He’s stunned when Brendan pushes him against the wall and kisses him.

Jem tries to give Liam her version of events and makes it clear she left him for his own good – she was afraid of what else her dad might do to him. Not wanting her dad to still be in control of her life, she agrees to meet Liam for lunch tomorrow.

Also, India must appease both Heidi and Gabby; Bart explains to Jasmine that he took the money to survive if the McQueens ever threw him out. She agrees to meet him for lunch, but doesn’t introduce him to Heidi.

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