Stacey is waiting for Max to give her an answer and tells him that he’s got just 30 minutes to tell Tanya they’re in love, or she’s doing it for him. Max returns home and tries to tell Tanya the truth but he skirts around the issue and Tanya doesn’t realise what he’s talking about. Max can’t bring himself to confess and with the pressure on, he organises the family and tells them that they’re going on holiday to Spain – right now!

Meanwhile, Stacey fends off Bradley’s attentions while she waits for Max to do the deed. When she gets no confirmation from Max, she heads over to the Brannings and she’s devastated to discover an empty house and a text from Max, saying ‘sorry’.

Also, Libby decides to prove herself to Darren and help him out with his cashflow problems by selling some dodgy DVDs. But the teenager’s selling technique gets her in hot water when she approaches one potential customer, who turns out to be an undercover cop! Libby is mortified when she’s arrested and taken down the station. She worries about what mum Denise will say when she gets back from her honeymoon the following week.

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