Has Max split up Tanya and Jack?

Tanya goes to the hotel to confront Selena and Lauren insists on going with her. Meanwhile, Jack is worried when Max hints that Tanya will soon find out his tarnished history and he discovers that Tanya has gone missing. Tanya and Lauren arrive at the hotel but they have just missed Selena.

Jack confronts Tanya, who threatens to leave Jack unless he comes clean to her. Jack admits that he was a bent copper and Penny was hurt by one of the gangsters he was involved with. Jack thinks it’s all over but Tanya visits Max to tell him that the truth has strengthened her relationship with Jack, not destroyed it. Tanya returns to Jack and tells him that she wants them to start over away from Walford and Max.

Stacey enjoys having a flirt when she and Danielle are chatted up by two lads. Stacey and Danielle go to R&R and Stacey confesses that she’s not ready to have a baby. Danielle guesses that Stacey’s feelings have been stirred up by Callum. Stacey gets a text from Bradley wondering when she’s going to be home, but Danielle suggests they go up West for an adventure.

Also, Charlie gives Musty the cat to Abi.