Has Megan lost her baby? Has Jai lost Archie?

The hospital staff have done all they can and Megan leaves, rushing to court, desperate to tell the truth and make sure Jai doesn’t get away with taking Archie from Rachel by lying and cheating. Leyla is right behind her, equally determined to right the wrongs Jai has done after finding out he planted the drugs on Rachel to make her look bad. Jai is furious when his wife and his lover burst into court and turn on him. Later, Megan tells Jai she’s had a miscarriage but, on her own, she’s seen looking at an ultrasound picture of her baby and smiling…

Paddy thinks Marlon’s prospective date, Julia, is hot – but will she get Marlon all hot under the collar? Laurel doesn’t care – or says she doesn’t. Marlon’s a free agent, Laurel says and she plans to give him complete freedom by moving out.

Ashley tells Harriet he wants to lead the memorial service for Val and Ruby, who were killed in the helicopter crash. But is he up to it? And will Val choose to make another appearance to Pollard?