Mercedes and Carmel are forced to pull together to help Myra save their home. As the water board official arrives, the gang resort to extreme measures to ensure he hears out their case. Meriel, reporting for the Herald, is delighted with the McQueen antics but Carmel and Michaela are mortified and arguments ensue. With her family all distracted, Mercedes seizes her chance and makes a call that could potentially ruin Carmel’s happy ending.

Calvin’s reeling after Lauren’s shock pregnancy revelation. Lauren avoids talking to her brother but a heart to heart with Carmel proves too much and she tells Gaz their lies have gone too far. Calvin can’t bear the thought of Gaz ruining Lauren’s life any further but as a plan forms, he’s forced to turn to Sasha for help.

Steph is forced to face Gilly after trying to kiss him the day before. A bemused Gilly laughs it off, he’s only concerned that Jem doesn’t find out as he’s still in her bad books – a relieved Steph is off the hook. As he goes all out to make it up to Jem, Gilly’s unaware that his fiancee is holding an explosive secret in her hands.

Also; Jem reads the mystery letter, she discovers the true feelings of someone very close.

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