Montgomery tries to bully Leah into withdrawing her report and Bianca defends Leah. Montgomery tells Bianca that she’s also filed a report against Bianca and things end badly for those making complaints against her. Bianca tells Heath about the threat and when Heath confronts Montgomery about it, she threatens Darcy as well and slaps him in the face. Heath tells her that one day she’ll get her comeuppance, and Montgomery makes a show of claiming that he threatened her. Heath is on his way home when the police pick him up.

Meanwhile, Bianca tells Heath that the best thing they can do for pregnant Ricky is back off. But Heath can’t understand how Ricky could be thinking about not having the baby. The next morning, Casey tells Ricky that Brax has been a father to him his whole life, but is worried that Brax would find it too hard to miss the first 10 years of his kid’s life. He thinks Ricky should decide what she wants before she tells Brax and she agrees.

Tamara starts thinking about ways for the Summer Bay and Mangrove River students to be less segregated and asks Leah if they could stage a concert.

And Chris does well on his first day of work at the Diner.