Callum struggles to get his head around the surprise offer to take a mentorship with a gaming company in Silicon Valley. With Naomi’s encouragement, Toadie presses Sonya to consider the possibility of Callum leaving home. Tensions quickly boil over, and Sonya shuts Toadie down, nowhere near ready to lose her son all over again. In denial, she takes out her frustration on Susan, little knowing that her husband is turning to a sympathetic Naomi for support.

Having been warned by her mum that Karl is feeling his age, Holly sets out to boost his ego. Lapping up the attention, Karl is thrilled to learn that Holly has inherited his musical talent and she agrees to enter the Community Centre’s talent quest. But Susan begins to suspect that Holly is a lot more nervous than she’s letting on.

Brennan is torn when Paul presses him to break into a police storage facility. Like Paul, he believes that the file from his internal corruption investigation could reveal Kate’s killer. Brennan first works to access the file without breaking the law. But when his good intentions fail, Brennan breaks inside the facility. He gets his hands on the file – only to attract the attention of a security guard.