Ned tells Janae not to ruin his custody battle for Mickey and tells her that no one is more important to him than his son. Janae is devastated but Ned soon aplogises. However, there’s bad news for the pair when the police turn up and issue Janae with a warning for threatening Kirsten. Unfortunately, Mickey overhears the conversation and demands to know what Janae has done to his mum. He refuses to listen to Janae and Ned’s explanations and yells that he hates them both.

Concerned about Mickey’s imminent psychological assessment, Ned begs Toadie to change the date but Tim won’t agree. On the day of the test, Ned is still refusing to speak to Janae and as they arrive at the psychologist’s office, Mickey runs delightedly into his mum’s arms. Has Ned lost his son?

Miranda’s attempts to overcome her overprotective parental instinct don’t last when she attends Bridget’s practice match. When Bridget is taken down by an over-enthusiastic team mate, Miranda storms onto the pitch and accuses the boys of being too rough with her precious daughter, leaving Bridget mortified.

Also, Pepper’s colposcopy goes well, but she’s dismayed when the doctor warns her she’ll have to abstain from intimate physical contact with Adam for a few weeks.