Niamh and Al are at a boring work conference when Niamh shares a smile with a handsome stranger Don; and the pair are soon heading up to a room. They are lying in bed together, when Don reveals that he is married. Down in the hotel coffee bar, a fed up Al tries his luck with the barmaid Lorna but she tells him she’s not looking to date anyone. Despite the rejection, Al is besotted.

Afterwards, Niamh sneaks back into the conference and when Al asks where she’s been, her reply is enigmatic. Al is further confused when Don appears and offers Niamh his business card. She follows after him and kisses him passionately, before handing back his card. Don smiles and they shake hands warmly. 

Also, Niamh returns and tells Al that this is the best day she has ever lived, and the drinks are on her. Lorna tells Al she finished at seven if he’s still interested; he definitely is.