Has Niamh met the perfect man in Oliver?

Al tries not to show his disappointment as Niamh dresses up to the nines for a posh date with Oliver. Oliver seems to be the perfect man – he brings flowers, sweeps her off for a romantic meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant and orders fine wines. Oliver wants to see Niamh again but leaves her disappointed when he doesn’t lean in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Jimmi has his hands full – not only is he trying to cheer up Al but he also has to comfort Mrs Tembe. Josh has come to The Mill to inform her that he’s moving away and thanks her for her support – but the goodbye turns into a row when he explodes from feeling smothered by Mrs Tembe’s continued kindness.

Also, Daniel and Toni try to liven things up at a dull conference as Zara has a secret liaison with a mysterious man!