After a run-in with Leanne, Nick’s on edge and takes his frustration out on Steph in the bistro. Fed up, Steph warns him that if he continues he’ll have to find a new waitress. Rocked, Nick admits to Audrey that he’s at his wits end with the pressure of the divorce. When he then sees Leanne, Kal, David and Alya all laughing together in the cafe, he suddenly clutches his head and cries out in pain!

Still feeling guilty about running over Gail’s foot, Michael offers to be her servant for the day. Gail’s touched and when Michael tells her how much she means to him a delighted Gail tells him she feels exactly the same.

Disconcerted by Kirk’s strange behaviour, Beth worries that he’s going off her. Deciding it’s time to take action, Beth tells a bemused Kirk she’s taking him out for dinner. 

Also, Deirdre’s less than impressed when Ken’s reveals he’s booked them a camping holiday.