Has Nicola really lost her mind?

Nicola claims she doesn’t know who she is and insists her name is Miranda Parker. Miranda is furious at Nicola’s apparent ruse of faking a mental breakdown to get out of paying for her actions. Miranda visits the psychiatric ward and tries to get Nicola to confess. But when the doctor tells her Nicola is suffering from paranoia and is completely delusional, Miranda is forced to decide whether Nicola is up to her old tricks again or is genuinely ill.

Donna coerces Lucas to stand up Elle and abandon their date in order for the surprise party to be a success. Libby and Steph attempt to avoid attending before their consciences get the better of them and they show up only to overhear Elle’s angry conversation with Lucas as she walks into the bash. Furious at being jilted by Lucas and embarrassed by her lack of friends, Elle takes her hurt out on Donna.

Toadie faces a tough parenting challenge as Callum tries to understand how the Nicola he knew and loved could have done such terrible things. Later, Callum and Toadie are stunned when Kelly says she is concerned about Callum’s care and intends to report them to social services.

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