Has Nikhil caught Nicky cheating on Gennie?

Nikhil doesn’t think Nicky’s good enough for Gennie! Seriously! And yet he didn’t want Gennie himself because he thought he was too good for her. But now he’s decided that maybe Gennie is good enough for him and he’s tortured every time he sees her with Nicky. David decides they need a night out on the pull, but in the bar they choose to do their pulling, it looks like it’s Nicky who’s got lucky – and not with Gennie! So, who is the gorgeous blonde Nicky’s kissing? That’s what Nikhil wants to know…

Andy wants to know how he and Debbie are going to tell Alicia and Cameron that they’re having a ‘saviour sibling’ for Sarah. Yes! Andy has agreed to Debbie’s plan, but they both know that putting it into action will be no easy matter. First things first, they have to talk to their partners. But they only tell them the bit about having a baby, not about having to pretend to be a couple for the IVF treatment.

Moira has something to tell Cain. The guilt is eating her up and she wants him to leave her alone – but he doesn’t want to.