Hannah asks Casey to ban Oscar from the gym and she drops him off to his community service shift, where Oscar tells her Zac will be picking him up. When Hannah and Zac meet up to discuss Oscar, they realises he’s lied about being picked up by Zac. Making his way home Oscar collapses in the middle of nowhere….

Casey wants to give Andy the chance to turn his life around, and Casey manages to talk Brax into giving Andy a chance. Later, Brax lays down the law with Andy to make sure he stays on the right path. Not completely happy with help from the Braxton brothers, Andy is then offered another drug dealing opportunity.

Jett is trying to show John he’s an integral part of the family by doing household chores, while John is trying to make Jett feel less insecure by taking him out for food, and suggesting they go to the movies. Marilyn’s frustrated they won’t talk to each other, so when Jett accidentally drenches Marilyn, she demands they talk about their issues. John reassures Jett that Shandi’s presence will not affect their relationship.