Has Paige moved on?

Brennan talks to Susan, explaining that seeing Paige in Kate’s dress made him feel like he’d been cheating on her. The next morning Brennan sees Paige being dropped off by a clubber in a sports and thinks he’s blown his chances. Paige finds him later and tells him says she went out dancing to burn off some steam and the guy just dropped her home. He apologises and the pair kiss.

Amber and Imogen’s frosty relationship starts to thaw when Imogen offers to help Amber find a speaker for the school talk. Meanwhile, Susan asks Nate if he would be interested in sharing some of his army stories. He tells a story about dismantling a bomb but things take an awkward turn when Imogen asks him if he agrees it was a pointless war. Nate gets defensive and a worried Susan is forced to intervene.

Things are awkward between Alice and Bailey after their kiss. Matt tells Bailey to just be himself and it seems like things are back on track.