Has Paul lost Ajay the election?

Ajay discovers that Paul has put his video online and the article that accompanies it certainly puts him in a bad light. However, Priya gives him hope and he throws himself into campaigning on election day. He seems to get support from the voters, but as the day progresses Ajay realises Paul has poisoned the electorate against him.

Sheila admits to Jade that she interfered with their relationship and that Kyle has told her to leave town. Then Rhys tells her that Kyle is sick with ‘flu from staying in his freezing office and points out that her pride is keeping them apart. She finally relents and invites Kyle to return home… but only as housemates. Kyle is heartened, however, to find that Jade has kept his card.

Lucas becomes nervous as the Ramsay house auction approaches and, when the time comes, starts to doubt the wisdom of buying a property to share with Vanessa when she’s in love with Rhys. He decides to go for it and the property seems to be his until, at the final moment, Ajay comes in with a bid that wins the auction!