A furious Terese catches Paul conducting what looks to be yet another dodgy deal. When Terese later finds Paul’s mysterious guest behind reception and makes it clear she won’t stand for his dodgy dealings inside her hotel. But Paul takes delight in explaining the man is in fact the head of acquisitions for another hotel chain. Paul has just aligned Lassiters to the Quill Hotel Group, which means Terese is out of a job.

Kyle arrives at the hospital to see Georgia but things become awkward when Kate arrives. Gem runs in with an injury to her hand. While Georgia treats her, Gem apologises for leaving her in the cottage, claiming to be the only true friend Georgia has.

She becomes hysterical as Georgia refuses to believe her assertions that Kate and Kyle still love each other. Kate is finally forced to confess she is in love with Kyle. With Gem taken away by police for psychiatric assessment, Georgia, Kyle and Kate are left alone.

With baby Elliott due to be discharged, Sonya helps Jacob buy the things he’ll need. Lauren tells Sonya to stop feeling so guilty about believing she has neglected her own family. The next morning, Jacob turns up but after a loaded moment, it becomes clear his feelings have moved beyond friendship.