Has Paul saved Toadie’s skin?

As Toadie’s car is taken away for evidence, Susan tells Paul they need to do something and is surprised when Paul agrees to run her story. Paul also begins some investigating of his own into Peter Noonan and discovers that Peter’s wife, Tracey, is a shareholder in the Hamilton Group, proving Peter was set to benefit from the development.

This, and Susan’s article in the Erinsborough News, are enough to convince the Council to sever ties with the development. The shopping centre development is off. But with his aims met, Paul’s disinterested in fighting to save Toadie. As far as he’s concerned, Toadie’s on his own.

With his efforts to save Chris garnering him hero status among the public, Rhys hits on the idea of leveraging it to win a place on the surgery program. He fronts Doctor Jessica Girdwood and boldly states that his skills and calmness in a crisis ideally qualify him and she should reconsider letting him join the surgery program. But she reminds him of the shambles he made of his interview, and regardless of saving Chris, there is no place for him on the program.

Although Kyle assumes he and Jade are in a relationship, she reacts with horror when the ‘R’ word is mentioned. Kyle begins to wonder what the problem is.