After hearing that Kate is unable to have kids, Brennan pushes her and she challenges him to look her in the eye and tell her he’d be happy without kids. Brennan hesitates, which gives Kate all the answer she needs. Brennan tries to backpedal until Paul arrives and shuts the conversation down. Upset, Kate lashes out at Rebecca, while Brennan debriefs with Kyle – refusing to give up trying get Kate back. However, when he tries to talk to her, Paul sends him packing again. As Kate cries alone, she and Brennan are further apart than ever.

Karl and Susan realise how much Kyle and Georgia are hurting and Karl hatches a plan to force the couple together. Once they’re alone, Kyle tries to open up to Georgia, but she becomes overwhelmed and flees. Later, she returns to Kyle, offering an olive branch. Kyle’s delighted-it’s the first sign of hope for them.

Rebecca’s hopeful Kate and Brennan will reunite. Paul feels the opposite, but plays along, eager to keep Rebecca onside as part of his plan to win her back.

However, when he sees how much Brennan’s upset Kate yet again, Paul and shows his true feelings in front of Rebecca. When he reveals his vulnerability, showing how much Kate means to him, Rebecca can’t help being moved.