Has Perdy caught out Rosemary?

Rosemary is furious that Perdy is back at Mill Cottage and she puts another malaria tablet in her drink. But Perdy is on to Rosemary’s tricks and she pours the drink into a plastic bottle and takes the evidence to the police. Rosemary follows Perdy and, acting fast, she visits Vaughan and tells him that Perdy is still delusional and to dismiss any claims she may have.

Grace is disappointed when Carl cancels his plans to spend the day with her before her mother’s funeral. Carl drops her off at the station and when Grace later calls him he’s offhand. Grace feels confused when Carl later turns up at her flat with flowers and she tells him to stop blowing hot and cold.

Hilary is cross when Douglas heads off for a day’s fishing with the Dingles without consulting her first and she tells Laurel that Doug doesn’t seem to want to spend any time with her. Laurel wonders whether her parents’ joint retirement may be causing a strain on their marriage.

Also, Val gives the Woolpack cleaning contract to the De Souzas.